Earlier known as the Prima Poker network.

Microgaming Network

Microgaming is a pioneer in online gaming having entered the industry in 1994. However for several years it focused on the online casino industry in which it is the undisputed market leader today. Microgaming launched its poker network as late as 2003. It was earlier known as the Prima Poker network. Microgaming suffered a major setback last year when it was forced to withdraw from the American market as a result of the Kentucky domain name seizure case. It lost many prestigious clients that catered to American online poker players. The most prominent of these was Doyle’s Room, the online poker room belonging to the legendary Doyle Brunson. It still licenses to about 40 online poker rooms. The major ones are Ladbrokes Poker, Unibet Poker, Poker Time, 32Red Poker and Roxy Poker. Microgaming has its headquarters in the Isle of Man.

Traffic on the Network

The average traffic of real money players at any given time over a 24 hour period is between 1,000 and 2,000. This puts the Microgaming poker network at number 12. Before leaving the American market the traffic was much higher. It will take some time for Microgaming to develop clientele in Europe and other parts of the world.

Customer Service on the Network

There are several features offered in Microgaming’s poker software that provide advantages to the players. The players’ statistics are tracked and stored so that they can access them and improve their play by learning from their mistakes. Players have the option to track the pot progression. This gives information on the number of players at each stage of a hand – flop, turn and river. The Quick Search function help players to find tables with games suited to them in terms of buy-in, pot size, number of players and betting limits. Microgaming network also offers special tables for beginners. The Microgaming poker software is web based and therefore no downloading is required. This eliminates the hassle of upgrading. The software fully supports not only all gaming functions but also all administrative functions like financial transactions and customer support.

Games on the Network

Microgaming offers online casino, poker, bingo and mahjong. The poker network offers a large variety of poker games in the popular betting structures. Texas Hold’em is offered in Fixed Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit betting structures. Omaha is also offered in Fixed Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit betting structures. However the following games are offered only as Pot Limit games – Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Stud. Five Card Draw is offered only in the No Limit betting structure and Razz is offered only in the Fixed Limit betting structure.


The biggest positive that Microgaming offers is its brand equity. The poker lobby is aesthetically appealing and the poker rooms are easy to navigate. The Microgaming Poker Bad Beat Jackpot runs through all the poker rooms on the network and therefore like its progressive slots it grows very rapidly. Microgaming offers many high stakes tables, thus making the poker rooms popular with high rollers. The casinos are multi lingual and most players can get to play in a language they are familiar with.


The largest negative is that Microgaming has had to withdraw from the American market, which is the hub of online poker. As a result Microgaming has already lost some of its important clients and may lose some more in the near future. Microgaming is Number #1 in the online casino industry. Since it is nowhere near that position in the online poker industry this has a negative impact by comparison. The table design does not offer a 3D view with avatars and this compares somewhat unfavorably with what other poker rooms offer.

even known as Prima

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